Welcome to Red Suns


Well the Rules are theese:
1. Tryout Rules :
To Get In Red Suns, Must be tested by Me or the person I contacted.
In minimum 4 Drift Places :
Big Ear
SF Hill
LS Hill
And then other ones if the tester wants to do.
And no more videos, must be in samp.

- First you will have to pass through a knowledge test, to see what you know about Red Suns in common. If you don't know anything about Red Suns, then don't even dare to ask for a Tryout.

-I don't want an Handling so use the Stock Elegy or Banshee,If you use Handling, To get in RS is impossible !

-I want that you know how to install and use Akagi because Akagi is necessary, if you don't have Akagi you don't need to be in Red Suns.

1. When you're in RS don't SPAM FOR ASKING cars, skins, RS server admin, Modding Help or anything else, or you will be automatically Kicked or Banned ! You must show that we can trust you, and so we know that you're no noob.

2. This is an important Rule that I want that EVERYBODY do,Is that everybody has respect to each other.I don't want any baby children in my crew, or people which think that are adults or grown up teenagers and behave like babys or even worse.
If you see someone not respecting this rule, take 1 or few pictures of it(If you don't have pictures I can't make anything)
If both disrespect another,Both get kicked or banned.

Big thanks for reading this


Times for the Tryouts :
With Elegy:
Akagi : 1 Min 28 sec [ My Time 1 Min 27 sec ]
Big Ear : 2 Min 0 sec [ My Time 1 Min 58 sec ]
SF Hill : 0 Min 40 sec [ My Time 0 Min 40 sec ]
LS Hill : 0 Min 20 sec [ My Time 0 Min 18 sec ]

With Banshee :
Akagi : 1 Min 26 sec [ My Time 1 Min 25 ]
Big Ear : 1 Min 54 sec [ My Time 1 Min 53 ]
SF Hill : 0 Min 39 sec [ My Time 1 Min 38 sec]
LS Hill : 0 Min 21 sec [ My Time 0 Min 20 sec ]

All these times are the Times for the RS Tryouts

History of Red Suns

Clan Created in May 11th 2009
Creators : Keisuke, Ryosuke, Initial

First Server was hosted by one of the creators, Initial, unfortunately since it's very old, I don't remember anything and I don't find any information about it in the blog, sorry people :s
Second Server hosted by McLovin, started hosting in 7th November, finished hosting in February 14th 2010
Third Server hosted by Vaz, started hosting in May 9th 2010, finished hosting in 23rd November 2010
Fourth Server hosted by Keisuke [Using ServerFFS] started hosting in December 25th 2011 until today and on

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GTA SA Drift Meeting ! Round 1 at Nakayubi !

Hello everyone,
Well Me, Vaz, and also other drifters are organizing the first and only Drift Meeting for San Andreas (SAMP), which will be always at 5 PM (17:00) [GMT+0] so London Time, and the 1st round will be at the Circuit called Nakayubi, for more Information, read below the post. Everyone's free to come. If you want, you can tell me that you're comming so I'm sure that there will be few people.
Please read the rules and then have fun in the Meeting.
Official Rules:

GTA SA Drift Meeting

1. Everyone is free to join, we won't have any restrictions on who is joining. You don't need to drift, you can also be a spectator.
2. No Ramming, insulting or fighting in any moment during the meeting, talk or complain like mature and civilian people. If you don't do this, you'll be kicked from the meeting of that day.
3. No weapons aloud !!!! People who use Weapons will be banned from any kind of this Drift Meeting !
4. Use appropriate cars, no Trucks, Limousines or any kind of those Vehicles are not allowed, there will be a special hour where such vehicles are going to be allowed.
5. No Teleporting to the meeting, come to the meeting like a normal driver !
6. Stock car and Tuned cars are allowed, so Stock handlings and edited.
7. The meeting will be filmed by one of the official Organisors, Keisuke. But you can film the meeting too, you're free to film.
8. The meeting will be hold weekly (every Saturday or Sunday)on a Circuit or Touge which is always told after or during the current meeting.
9. If the meeting goes well, in the end of the meeting we will do a tournament or battles.
10. Bring your ride and have FUN !

Drift Meeting Days:

1. 30&31 October 2010 - Round 1 at Nakayubi
2. 6&7 November 2010 - Round 2 at Nikko
3. 13&14 November 2010 - Round 3 at Hakone Nanamagari
4. 20&21 November 2010 - Round 4 at Ebisu East
5. 27&28 Novmber 2010 - Round 5 at Ebisu South
6. 4&5 December 2010 - Round 6 at Beton Drift
7. 11&12 December 2010 - Round 7 at Karugahara

Round 1 Information
Circuit : Nakayubi
Location : Japan [ LosSantos]
Founder : JC Negro
Download : LINK HERE